Hannan and Morton family updates

Over the last 3-4 months we’ve managed to find a lot more about out Morton family of Colchester in Essex, England, and now another Morton researcher, Bernard Waters of Canberra, Australia, has made contact. He is descended from Henry Morton (1814-1874), who went to Australia, and so there is quite a big branch of the family there too. We are hoping to share information.

We’re hoping to go on holiday in the Western Cape after Easter, and it so happens that some Hannan cousins live along the route, so we are hoping to see them sometime then. That got me looking at some of the ones for which we just have names — not even dates — which my mother’s cousin Willie Hannan sent us some 25-30 years ago. Just for fun, I tried entering some of the names into Facebook, and seeing if any of the other names came up among their friends. Some seemed to match. That seems to be Facebook’s strong point — as a way of getting in touch with old friends and family members you have lost touch with. Anyway, who knows, by the time we go on holiday we could have some up-to-date Hannan news to pass around. *ends

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