Blogging on obits

Newspaper obituaries are not nearly as common as they used to be. Only the justly famous and celebrities seem to get obits nowadays.

But the Washington Post wants to know what people think makes a good obituary blog. Blogging on Obits – Post Mortem –:

These are tough times for traditional journalism even as the digital horizons for a new kind of journalism expand. As writers, we always want our work to be read, whether in print, online, via mobile applications, no matter if people find us by links or searches or Technorati Profile.

We’ve recently ramped up the number of times we post on this blog and we’re curious what you think: Are the blog posts of the past month and half interesting or relevant to you? Would you prefer links to our daily news obituaries? Do you want links to obits from other places? Do you want the ‘story behind the obit’ or the weird, irreverent things that happen here? What would you like to see in this blog?

If you have any ideas, go tell em.