Found! Ida Carolina von Lilienstein, wife of Henry Green

One of the long-enduring mysteries of the GREEN family history has at last been solved, thanks to Ione Evans of New Zealand.

Henry Green, the British Resident of the Orange River Sovereignty in the early 1850s, came to South Africa some time in the 1840s, as did several of his siblings, including Fred (Val’s great great grandfather), Edward, Charles and Arthur.

It was known that Henry Green married Ida Carolina von Lilienstein, daughter of Count von Lilienstein, but little was known about her parents. Many of their descendants have tried to find out more, especially her mother’s name, but without success.

Ione Evans asked a researcher to check German records, and and finally found:

Congregation of Itzehoe, Christenings in the year 1836, daughters, page No 11, born on 4 December 1835, christened on 24 December 1835 Ida Caroline Johanna, legitimate daughter of local constable at the regiment of light dragoon, Carl Arthur Count zu LILIENSTEIN and Catharina Elise née STAEKER, christened by me at home. God parents: Carl von BARDENFLETH, colonel and head of the regiment, Martin von WILEMOOS SUHM, Premier Major, Johannes von EWALD, major (translation)

This will be especially good news for descendants of Henry and Ida, as Ida’s ancestors will be theirs as well, but for the rest of us too, the irritating gap waiting to be filled by “Spouse’s mother” can at last be filled.

In the course of our researches into the Green family we have met several descendants of Henry and Ida, and corresponded with many more. Some of them have been enthusiastic researchers into the family history, and many of them have helped us a great deal with our researches. We were in correspondence for a while with Hal Green in Swaziland. Jack and Peggy (nee Tapscott) Stokes visited us when we lived in Melmoth in Zululand, and stayed several days with their caravan in our back yard, and we spent many evening poring over family records, trying to sort out chronology and relationships.

One of the longest-standing mysteries (to us, at any rate) was what happened to Edith Susanna Green, daughter of Henry and Ida. She had married Ernest Borwick and then, apparently, disappeared off the face of the earth. Then we made contact with Ione Evans, a descendant of that branch, who filled in several generations. Ernest Borwick farmed in Kenya, and several of their seven children lived there, and some married and moved to other countries. Ione Evans is still following up some of the descendants, but has also been working backwards on the von (or zu) Lilienstein side as well, for which we are all grateful.

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  1. Hi Ida was my granmothers aunt. Ida was the youngest daughter of Carl Arturer von Lilistein. If you are interested I have a photograph of Ida and three of her children. My phone No is 074 355 1892

    • Hi Keith,
      Trying to trace relatives as well. My father was Danford Kingsley Green born in Joburg 1919 and had a younger brother Ronnie whom they for some reason didn’t talk to each other. My dad said he was Count Von Liliensteinbeing the eldest, but would not expound on it at all. Only met my Grandmother once I think in Hilbrow when I was about Eight years old and according to my eldest brother John was one of the first female barristers in South Africa and was also a brilliant seamstress

      Like I say family dialogue was completely hushed and now only my sister Dianne and I are the surviving members of my father whom was Captain in the army when he married my mother Jean Whitaker whilst being demobbed in London after the war.

      Father Dandford Kingsley Green 1919
      Mother Jean Whitaker
      John Kingsley Green (1947 ???) now deceased
      Andrew Cristopher Green (1948??) now deceasded
      Nicholas Whitaker Green (5.12.53) living in England
      Dianne Deborah Elizabeth Green 19.8.59 living in Austrailia

      I would love to find out more information regards our family as it appears it was all a dark secret when we were children.

      Why didn’t my father talk to his younger brother? and why did he disown the family ties apparently relinqueshing inheritance in some way to Diamond mines which his younger brother carried on. And why as children did we not meet my Grandmother?
      These are indeed intriguing questions I would like some light thrown upon.

      I look forward to your comments.

      Nicholas Whitaker Green

      • Hi Nicholas,

        Good to hear from you, as we had no information about your father’s marriage or children, though we do have him in the family tree. So we can give you lots of information about the other branches, and hope you can gibve us more on yours.

  2. […] Even though the legend of royal descent was a dud, Henry Green did the next best thing, and married, as his second wife, Countess Ida von Lilienstein — see here Found! Ida Carolina von Lilienstein, wife of Henry Green | Hayes & Greene family history […]

  3. […] His wife died on the road to Cape Town, and became the family ghost. Henry married again to Countess Ida Von Lilienstein, and they had several […]

  4. Hi. I was very interested to discover this entry as, like you i am trying to trace family history. My great great grandfather is William john green, father of henry green whose wife is Ida Carolina von lilienstein.
    I have some documentation relating to this era. If you would like to get in touch I would be happy to discuss this further.
    Christine robinson

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