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This blog is about the family history of Steve Hayes and Val Greene of Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa.

Related families include Growden, Growdon, Pearson, Green, Stooke, Vause, Cottam, Hannan, Decker, Ellwood, Crighton, Falkenberg and several others. You can find more details on the Families page.

It’s for keeping in touch with all our relations, up to 15th cousins three times removed and beyond.

If you’re related and interested in the family history and would like to contribute and exchange information, please look at our Family History Wiki.

If you want to know more about who we are, visit our general family web site or see the About Us page.

If you think you may be related, and would like to contact us, please use the form below.

5 Responses

  1. I recall a school friend at Selborne College East London,
    named Ben Decker. we matriculated in 1957. Since then Ben has become quite a legend in the area of the Transkei, Port St Johns, lives a great life of a “Hippie”, and is very well known.

    The photo of Steve Hayses on this webpage looks exactly like
    Ben Decker!

    Take care


  2. Clyde,

    I’m not aware of any relationship with Ben Decker, though our Deckers were also from the Eastern Cape.

  3. I have just started researching my grandmother’s family (father John Daniel KOCH, mother Emily Malvinia FALKENBERG). It would appear that Emily’s mother (Justine Wilhelmine SCHULTZ) married Michael John Christian Falkenberg after his first wife Dorothea Frederike died and they had 7 children, including my great grandmother. When he died she married Charles John KOCH, (brother of John Daniel) and they had 4 children together. I have managed to trace the Falkenberg/Schultz family back to Marie Schultz born in Prussia in 1732, but cannot find any trace of the Koch family prior to Charles and John’s mother (Amelia Rowles) arrival with the 1829 Settlers on the SS Chapman. She married Daniel Koch. I would appreciate any help.

  4. Hi there,
    Just came across the Vause family on your website. This is a link to part of my family. Don’t know if you will read this, as its been a while. The Rebecca Parkin that is mention in the 1861 census, is we think a family memeber to the vause family. We have an uncle Vause and this is hence where the name comes from. I do have a lot of information on the Parkin side of the family. An Elizabeth Vause married into the parkin family many moons ago and this is the link.

  5. Hello; I live in Lancaster and so very close to Heaton and Heysham. I have one Ann Mashiter in my tree she married Bejamin LEATHAM of Heaton in1743,she was the daughter of Thomas Mashiter and granddaughter of William Mashiter of Broadgate Farm. Higher Heysham a yeoman farmer. William born about 1650 his wife Margaret Mount . This family were very big with many lines and most likely your link is from this family. Bagots turn up in OVERTON records and so keep looking at Lancashire Ancestry on line. Look at St Peters at Heysham. Heaton a small hamlet was under Lancaster ST Mary’s parish, records for Overton and Sunderland were also. Heysham . Records go back to 1560 only. A legend says two brothers Who left Bavaria in 1450 or so were shipwrecked in Heysham and Settled the First Mashiters. Hope this helps Rachel Laytham Edwards.

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