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Hayes family of Tshwane

Steve, Simon, Bridget, Jethro and Val Hayes

The photo was taken in 2003 — we haven’t got a more recent one of all of us together.

Steve is a deacon in the Orthodox Church and a missiologist. He has finished a book project on Christian healing ministry in Zimbabwe in collaboration to two other authors, Lilian Dube and Tabona Shoko. He’s now working on a new project with Prof John de Gruchy, a history of the charismatic renewal movement in southern Africa.

Val has been working at the SA Medical Association.

Bridget is studying for a doctorate in theology at Athens University, and eking out her bursary by painting and selling ikons, though the recession is beginning to bite in Greece and there is not such a demand. You can see samples of her work on her web site.

Simon works a bookshop. After getting a degree in fine arts a few years ago, he’s now studying for another one in computer programming, and has been working on computer animation.

Jethro is a vehicle mechanic and works at the Lexus agency in Pretoria East.

Val & Steve Hayes, 1976, somewhere between Utrecht and Paulpietersburg

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  1. Dear Steve, Simon, Bridget, Jethro & Val

    I was thrilled to find your website today. It was quite exciting to learn more about the Devantier & related families and their distant origins. You have made a wonderful, user-friendly website.

    My husband is a direct descendant of Lydia Devantier (1859, King Williams Town, RSA), daughter of Pauline Schmidt (1824) & Friedrich Wilhelm Devantier (1824) who were passengers on the ship ‘Wilhelmsburg’ which left Hamburg, Germany in 1858. Lydia married Wilhelm Christian Karl Sell and their youngest child, Rhoda Julia Sell was my husband’s mother. She always said that her mother’s family were originally French (although she grew up speaking German at home) but we could never find the evidence. Now we have it.

    As a matter of interest, Rhoda spelled her father’s name with a K (not a C) and she was born on 15 February (not Jan) 1906. Rhoda spelled her grandfather’s name Friedrich (with an h at the end). Also Lydia Devantier died in the Transvaal – she moved north from the Cape with her husband & lived both in Johannesburg & in the N Transvaal where they farmed their own farm. I have pictures of Lydia, Wilhelm & some of their children, & their homes in Joburg & N Transvaal.

    You mention Barry Alexander in Australia as being a relative. We live in Perth, Australia and I should be so pleased if Barry would like to make contact with us. You are welcome to pass on our email address if you wouldn’t mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you and send you kindest regards & many thanks

    Diana Barrett

    • Diana,

      It’s good to hear from you — will be in touch by e-mail.

    • Hello, I am the youngest son of Ralph Pearson – 1920 – 1996. like to make contact with any family members of The Pearson family please, have written a autobiography about R. Pearson life, can send this to any members of the Pearson family.

    • Hi

      I see this is an old post but i have just seen it. I am also a descendant of Lydia Sell – through Aimee Sell who is my great grandmother. I would love any info on the Sell family, have only found lots on the Devantiers. I am also in Perth and would love to make contact!

  2. Hi

    Does anyone have any information on the branch of the Growdon family that moved to Sheffield from either Blisland or St Neots in Cornwall before they moved. Joseph Growdon married Elizabeth Cocker in Warleggan in the 1800’s. He had a son John who is my great great grandfather. John was in Sheffield in the 1911 census Just started doing this so any help would be appreciated

  3. Hi there I read about Morton family and I thought I will be able to locate my father Edmund Morton who is originaly from Canada came to live in Johannesburg around 1972 and went to Cape Town South Africa from there I dont have a clue where he is can you help locate him for me his son’s name is David Morton who was born with polio please help me.

  4. Hi,
    Happy to find your site.
    From what I have been able to find I come from the same line as Mary Nevard Morton. Her Uncle, Henry Morton born ca 1815 was my Great Great Grandfather. He was sent to Australia 1849 as a Convict Exile. I have his Death Certificate that states his parents as George & Alice Morton of Colchester Essex England.
    I had that Mary married August Decker and the suggestion that other Morton girls had married German Troops & moved to South Africa but no names to go with the info. Your site has helped.
    Happy to share what I have if you are still trying to track the Morton’s of Colchester.
    Allan Morton

  5. Steve,
    I’ve seen the surname Vause come up with ties to South Africa in my searches. I am a Vause descendant (Vause family of North & South Carolina, USA, and one of their sons who moved to Wakulla County, Florida (Ephraim b. 1818). I am wondering if the Vauses of South Africa are a related branch of the Vause family here. I don’t have any definite origin information on my family; just suggestions that the surname may be associated with English or French, meaning “dweller at or near a valley”, with alternate spellings of the name, such as Voss, Vaus, Vaux, Vauss, and Vorse.

    I hope you are still receiving messages at this link.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Youngest member of R. Pearson Family.

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