Which families are people interested in?

Here are the top families that people were interested in on our family wiki at http://hayesgreene.wikispaces.com

Page Views
space.discussion.GreenAW1194 154
home 130
GreeneFT144 89
Vause_Family 85
SchultzJ40 76
Morton_Family 75
Bagot_Family 73
Green_family 59
Index_of_People 36
Family index 34
ParkW223 32
Ahnentafel 29
Devantier_family 27
GreenAW1194 27
About 26
Stooke_Family 25
Decker family 22
Sandercock Family 22
GreenMAA935 21
Growdon_Family 21
GreenWJ140 19
PearsonW2044 18
VauseRW232 18
CottamJB227 17

But, as usual, no one contributed any information about these families, or even left a message to say what it was they were looking for. And, also as usual, the thing that most people most wanted to do was discuss Alfred William Green, 154 of them, to be exact — but not one of them wrote a word.

Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that the wiki conscept hasn’t caught on, and that the wiki page isn’t working, and take it down.

Progress report – Park family history and others

We haven’t had much time for family history the last couple of weeks, and now there seems to be a problem with our ISP so we can’t access the web (though e-
mail still seems to be working). We’ve made contact with some other researchers who have provided quite a lot of useful help on the PARK family. My ggg grandfather William PARK (c1780-
1844) of Bath, Belfast and Quebec seems to have had a number of children, and thanks to Shaun Jones on the Rootschat site, we’ve managed to find quite a few possible links. We’ve also made contact with a James PARK in Luxembourg, who has suggested a possible link between William PARK and a PARK family of Ballynure, Antrim, Ireland. We’re still looking for confirmation of most of this.

William Park married Mary Martin, daughter of John Martin, a merchant of Belfast, and we are still looking for more information on the Martin side of the family as well. Their daughter Matilda PARK married Richard VAUSE, and came to Natal in 1852, immediately after their marriage. Richard Vause was part owner of the Natal Mercury (with John Robinson) and was five times mayor of Durban.