Tombstone Tuesday: Greenaways in Blisland

William Ead Greenaway

William Ead Greenaway

Our Greenaway family came from Blisland and St Breward in Cornwall, England, so when we visited Cornwall on 5 May 2005 we took photos of any Greenaway tombstones we saw, whether or not we knew if they were related.

This one was in Blisland churchyard. We don’t know if William Ead Greenaway was related to us… yet. But if anyone who was related to him sees this, please get in touch!

My great great grandfather was Richard Greenaway, born in Blisland in 1817. He married Mary Ann Tilly (or Tilley) in St Breward in 1842 and they had seven children, two of whom are known to have died young.

Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth Greenaway (1842-1927), married William Matthew Growden, and they came to the Cape Colony in the mid-1870s. Elizabeth’s younger brother William Greenaway (1848-1912) also came to South Africa.

Blisland Church, 5 May 2005

Blisland Church, 5 May 2005

We do know a little more about William Ead Greenaway, though. From the parish registers we know that he married Bessie Long on 11 June 1898, and that his father was George Greenaway, and they were both teenagers when they married.

In an earlier period the parish priest appears to have had the fixed idea that Greenaway should be spelt “Greenway”, and entered their names in the register with that spelling, even though, when they could write, they signed the register as “Greenaway”.

3 Responses

  1. Hi, bit of a surprise the photo of William Ead Greenaway, as i believe he was my Great Grandad !!

    According to my research and information passed to me from
    the family, my side of the Greenaways as far back as 1811 all lived in Blisland.

    My parents still live in Fraddon, Cornwall today.

    I’ve hit a brick wall pre 1811. any photos or information gratefully received.

    • Can you tell me anything more about him and his family? I’m trying to collect info on all Cornish Greenaways to see what links there are between them, so may possibly have some links to your family.

  2. Hi. Esther here from Auckland, New Zealand. Have decided to go back to my Greenaway line. Have had some recent DNA matches which have been very useful in further advancing this line using both historical and DNA data. I note I was in contact in 2011 as you seem to have done a thorough exploration of this line. I think we are related through William Greenaway (father of Richard) who is the brother of my John Greenaway b. 1749 St Brewards. So shared ancestry with John Greenaway and Mary Mutton. Email me

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