Hailee Growden chosen as queen of the Mummers Parade

Does anyone know where Hailee Growden fits in to the family?

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Miss Maryland Shana Powell, left, crowns Williamsport High School’s Hailee Growden as the 2007 Alsatia Mummers Parade queen. (Photo credit: Joe Crocetta / Staff Photographer)

Williamsport High School’s Hailee Growden was chosen as the queen of the parade at the Alsatia Club’s headquarters earlier in the day.

Growden won the crown over nine other local high school homecoming queens by selecting a box with a golden necklace inside.

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Romange Growden objects to cemetery party

Romange Growden has objected to a Halloween party in Palmetto, Florida. Not sure if she’s related.

Romange Growden says she’s mortified the place where her husband and mother are buried — and the place she’ll eventually be — is the site for a Halloween party.

“I just don’t see why a cemetery would get involved in Halloween. Just the thought of it! What, do they want to raise the dead?” she asked.

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Hayes, Dunn, Doddrell

Louise Doddrell left a message in the Bravenet Message Forum (see sidebar for link).

She is descended from Gertrude Hayes who married Robert Seymour Dunn, and we’re looking forward to an exchange of family history information.