Growdons on the stage

Qute a few nenbers of the Growden/Growdon family seem to have made names for themselves on the stage, or in musci, and here’s a news item that mentions another one — Bryony Growdon. Does anyone know where she fits in the family tree?
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Leander Club has a reputation for producing some of the world’s best rowers and also possesses scenic dining facilities as an inspiring backdrop. On Thursday, July 22 at 7.30pm Leander hosts original music theatre in the form of The Divine Divas.
Actresses Yvonne Delahaye, Bryony Growdon and Vicky Poole all possess a professional acting pedigree and were thrown together by fate and bring their experience to the roles of jobbing actresses in Matheson Bayley’s original musical play Lights, Camera, Resting.
The musical comedy debuts at Leander and charts the struggles, heartbreaks and conflict of Jax, Suzie and Rachel. The Divine Divas sum up what the Henley Fringe Trust sets out to facilitate, which is the opportunity for young talent to leap the barriers and bring enjoyment to the performers and
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  1. I would like to correct an error in this article. The show ‘lights, camera…RESTING!’ was based on an original idea by Yvonne Delahaye about 3 actresses sharing a flat. The 2 act play was then co-written by Yvonne Delahaye, Vicky Poole and Bryony Growdon. It was performed with the title ‘It’s Showtime!’ in October 2009 and developed further to be performed in March 2010. Bryony then brought Matheson Bailey in to compose original music around our script. The 3 actresses all collaborated on the music and the show title changed to ‘lights, camera…RESTING!’ as it developed. It was premeried in July 2010 at the Henley Fringe Festival and was very successful.

    In August 2010 Bryony and Matheson decided to leave to write their own show. All the rights for the script and original idea for ‘lights, camera…RESTING!’ belong to Yvonne Delahaye and Vicky Poole, who are the remaining founding partners in Divine Divas Productions.

  2. Hello, I am Bryony Growdon, and as well as being an actress and singer I am also a writer, and my family tree comes down a line originating from Cornwall. I was hoping to make a few interesting links with other Growdons on this site, but first I unfortunately have to correct a comment made by Miss Delahaye I would like to say that although the idea was originally hers, I in fact scripted the original draft for the play with later script development coming from myself, Vicky Poole, Yvonne and Matheson who although was not credited helped immensly with the script development. The composer who came up with some fabulous songs is actually Matheson Bayley, and the fact that Yvonne cannot even be bothered with taking the effort to spell his name correctly is sadly just one of the reasons we left to go our own way. We very generously agreed for Yvonne and Vicky to keep the full rights to the script and all of the monies that we had jointly earned from it’s production, despite ending up out of pocket. It therefore saddens and further disapoints me that Miss Delahaye has shown such pettyness.
    What a shame!

    • Well it’s good to see you here anyway, and it would be interesting to know which branch of the Growdon family you belong to!

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