Family visit – Pretoria June 2008

Val’s sister Elaine Machin and her son Alan came up from Pinetown for the Youth Day long weekend, and this afternoon we gathered with Lesley Machin and her boyfriend Johnny O’Neill on their farm east of Pretoria. We were joined by Elaine’s other son Greg Machin and his daughter Abby.

Family 15 Jun 2008

In the picture: Johnny O Neill, Alan Machin, Lesley Machin, Jethro Hayes, Greg Machin, Val Hayes with Abby Machin, Elaine Machin – 15 June 2008

Picture above: Greg Machin, Abby Machin, Jethro Hayes

And below are some of the eland on the farm:


2 Responses

  1. I came across your Machin family post when looking for genealogy info on my Machen/Machin family line and wondered if by chance if Val’s Machin family is connected at all to the Rotherham, England Machin(s)?

    My family migrated from England to USA back in the 1880s, but I know most of the family stayed at that time back in England. our family are the Machin line thru George Machin & Elizabeth Hunter. George was the son of Thomas Machin and Elizabeth Cawthorne.

  2. This Machin family is from Bristol, at least in recent generations.

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