Crighton family: 10 years ago

Ten years ago we met some Crighton relatives for the first time. Nita Harris (born Crighton), who lives in the USA, had lost touch with her brother Roger, but ten years ago the reestablished contact, and she came to South Africa with her son Roger Harris to see Roger, who was very ill. We arranged to meet between Johannesburg and Pretoria, at BJ’s Restaurant, built over the freeway.

Val Hayes, Walter Crighton, Nita Harris, Roger Harris, at BJ's Restaurant, Midrand, 11 December 2002

Val Hayes, Walter Crighton, Nita Harris, Roger Harris, at BJ’s Restaurant, Midrand, 11 December 2002

Walter Crighton is Roger Crighton’s son (and Nita’s nephew). The common ancestors are William John Crighton (1842-1886) and Anna Maria MacLeod (1849-1917). William John Crighton was a saddler in Cape Town, and died when fighting a fire on Table Mountain, when his horse apparently stood on a burning ember and threw him.

William John Crighton was one of 10 children of Henry Crighton and Petronella Francina Dorothea Flamme, and three of those children married members of the MacLeod family of Cape Town. Petronella Francina Dorothea Flamme was the granddaughter of a slave, Francina van de Kaap.

When we first became interested in family history we asked Val’s grandmother about the Greene side of the family (her in-laws) and she said they were a Crighton family who were leather merchants in Cape Town. So in 1975 we looked them up in the Cape Archives, and in the files were found some correspondence from a Miss Nita Crighton (as she then was), who was interested in the same family, and had written from the USA asking for copies of the same records. We wrote to her at the address on those old letters, asking that they be forwarded if she had moved, and discovered that she had married William Harris and was living in California. So we corresponded for several years about the family history, and visited Nita’s mother and her aunt who were living in an old age home in Bertrams, Johannesburg, in 1986, but it was only 10 years ago that we met face to face.

There ia more information about the Crighton family on our family wiki here and in another post on this blog here.

Nita is Val’s second cousin once removed.

Growden family reunion in Pennsylvania

Jackie Seaman is organising a reunion for descendants of William Growden and Elizabeth Sandercock. It will be held at Jackie’s home in Pennsylvania, USA, and anyone who is able to attend will be welcome.

Jackie writes:

The Reunion will be the weekend of July 26-27, 2008. It will held at our house which is on the north- west corner of Rounds Hill Road & Round Road, Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania 16350. With the driveway comimg in off of Round Road.We have 5.5acres so a lot of people are bring tents and campers and staying right here. Some are staying at the Best Western in Jamestown, NY, about 8 miles north. We have some that are planning to come the Monday before to help get ready and some that are planning to stay until the Friday after to help put things back to normal, and others that can only come for the weekend.

The contact person: is my husband or me,

Bob or Jackie Seaman
Address: 2549 Rounds Hill Road,
Sugar Grove, PA 16050
email address: ** <>
phone number: 814-489-3450.

Jackie is descended from Joseph Growden (child 3) and Florence Peters in the chart below:

Family Group Report
For: William Growden (ID= 2397)
Date Prepared: 15 May 2008

NAME: GROWDEN, William, Born ??? 1767? in Cornwall, England, Died ???

MARRIED 26 Nov 1792 in Cardinham, Cornwall, to SANDERCOCK, Elizabeth Couch, Born 1 Apr 1766 in Cardinham, Cornwall, Died Feb 1836 in Bodmin, Cornwall at age 69; FATHER: SANDERCOCK, Thomas, Born ??? 1737, Died Feb 1825 at age 88; MOTHER: COUCH, Ann, Born ??? 1739, Died Apr 1817 at age 78; William Growden shown in register as being “from Egloshayle”.; Bapt. 1 Apr 1766, Cardinham [letter from Margaret Foden, 6 Feb 1980]

1. F GROWDEN, Jennifer, born Oct 1793 in Egloshayle, CON, died ???
2. M GROWDEN, William, born ??? 1794 in Bodmin, Cornwall, died 8 Dec 1881 in Geelong, Victoria; Married ??? 1854 to DAY, Keturah; 6 children
3. M GROWDEN, Joseph, born ??? 1796?, died ???; Married 31 May 1818 to PETERS, Florence; 8 children
4. M GROWDEN, Thomas, born ??? 1798, died ???; Married to WILLIAMS, Sidwell; 5 children
5. M GROWDEN, Matthew, born Dec 1800 in Bodmin, Cornwall, died May 1883 in Cornwall, ENG; Married 10 Dec 1844 to DYER, Christiana; 4 children
6. F GROWDEN, Ann, born ??? 1802, died ???
7. F GROWDEN, Joanna, born ??? 1804, died 8 Jun 1806
8. F GROWDEN, Jenifer, born Mar 1806, died ???
9. F GROWDEN, Elizabeth, born ??? 1807, died ???
10. M GROWDEN, John, born ??? 1811, died 15 Mar 1812