The Stooke family and the end of the world

Well the world didn’t end on 21 December, but our ADSL router did — it was zapped by lightning on the evening of the 20th, and so we missed the momentous event, just when I was making some interesting discoveries about the Stooke family too.

I seem to have lost touch with many of the people who were researching the Stooke family. Our biggest breakthrough came from Joyce Robinson in Victoria, Australia, who sent us a huge family tree back in 1989, and at the time we were in though with several descendants of the Stooke family, including David Furse (who has since died), who had links to two different Stooke families. Back in the early 1990s we were in touch with several others as well, but now there doesn’t seem to be anyone to share interesting family news with.

So if you’re interested in Stooke families originating in Devon in England, and are reading this, please leave a comment.

I have also started a Stooke family forum on YahooGroups. This is a place for contacting others interested in the Stooke family history. The main feature of a mailing list for posting research queries and discoveries etc, but there are also facilities for exchanging Gedcom and other files, posting photographs, databases and more. Please click on the link to find out how to join.

I originally tried to post this on the quick & dirty Posterous blog, but it doesn’t seem to work any more.

2 Responses

  1. My daughter has a large amount of information on the Stookes of Carlby in Lincolnshire England.
    The church contains a memorial to the 4 Stooke boys who died in WW1 and information on the 3 other brothers who returned.
    My e mail is below
    #John Disley – grandson of Frank Stooke – killed 15 May 1915 in France

  2. Greetings, I recently discovered Stooke/Stookes relatives while researching my English ancestors. My John Stookes was born 1833 Devonshire and emigrated to Detroit, Michigan USA by 1854 where he became a policeman. He married Jane Barry of London, d/o Thomas Barry & Jane Mooney (my 4th g-grandparents). Thomas & Jane prob married at St. Anne Soho. Not sure if John & Jane married in England or America, but his 3 daughters were born in Detroit. Hope I can flesh this out a bit more! – Paul

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