Hannan cousins at the beach c1925

During our holiday earlier this month we visited lots of Hannan cousins, and here is a picture of their parents and grandparents at the beach, probably in the summer of 1925/26.

Hannan cousins at the beach Summer 1925/26 Back row: Betty Hannan, Ella Growdon Middle Row: Janet Growdon (nee Hannan), Agnes Hannan (nee Irvine) Front Row: Ivy Sharp, Nan Hannan, Phillys Growdon, Peggy Sharp

Betty Hannan, aged about 14, in the back row, married first John Fowler, and then Robert Stewart. Ella Growdon, aged about 15, in the back row, married Frank Hayes, and is the mother of Steve.

Janet Growdon (born Hannan), aged about 43, was the mother of Ella and Phyllis in the picture, and the aunt of all the other children. Agnes Hannan (born Irvine) was the mother of Betty and Nan (the baby in the picture). Nan was the mother of Peter Badcock-Walters.

Ivy Sharp, aged about 10, married Chris Vlok, and Arthur Vlok is their son. Phyllis, aged about 9, married Dennis Solomon in 1950, but they were divorced about two years later and had no children. Peggy Sharp, aged about 12, married Ted Gascoigne, and had a daughter Brenda.

Peggy and Ivy’s mother Emily Sharp (formerly Mould, born Hannan) is not in the picture.

The picture was probably taken at Durban beach, or at least some beach in Natal, and judging from the ages of the children, was probably taken in the summer of 1925/26.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Steve…fantastic to see this pic..especially the one of my Grandmother as I have never seen her this young! She was born in 1887 so in this pic she must be about 38!

    I also have some old pics of my Hannan family..taken 1940 with my grandfather David McFarlane Hannan…his wife, his son Stanley Livingstone in his Transvaal Scottish army outfit, just before going up north…to be taken prisoner at Tobruk (3 years in a German Stalag camp)…my mother…my Aunt Nancy, and a young Billy Hannan
    I will see if I can send this to you…if you would like it
    All the very best…without you…we wouldnt have the great history of the families you have been doing.

    • Thanks for the comments, Clyde. I’d love to see the picture, if you could scan it and send it. And also more stories of their lives like the one about being taken prisoner and so on.

      • Hi Steve…will send the pics asap… also have a few interesting stories about my Dads 1936 Olympic Games period, in Hitlers Germany, as a boxer..

  2. Just a thought….what is the best and easiest way of getting the pics to you?

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