Herbert family of Manchester

My great great grandmother was Adelaide Herbert (1831-1909) of Manchester, who married John Bagot Cottam. She was the daughter of Reuben Herbert and Ellen Jackson. I’ve recently been trying to follow up her brothers and sisters, and the attached list of Herbert descendants is an interim result. The list is fairly speculative, and not all the links have been proved — at least not to my satisfaction. For example, the second child of Reuben and Ellen Herbert is listed as Reuben Thomas Herbert, born in Middlesex and then transported to Australia. But the eldest child, Elianor, who died young, was born in Manchester, and then the next youngest was born in Belfast. I suppose it is possible that the family moved from Manchester to London before going to Belfast, but I’d like to see a baptism record for Reuben Thomas Herbert to see who his parents were. If anyone has links to this family, please get in touch with me.

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  1. Good morning,

    Our family is descended from Reuben Herbert via Sarah Ann Herbert (daughter). Family tree (“Oldham Family Tree) is in http://www.ancestry.co.uk – subject to membership. I am following up a hint that Reuben Herbert (b. 1797) was also sentenced to transportation, but served instead at the Battle of Waterloo, having opted to join the British Army as an alternative. I can provide any further Herbert family details in our records directly as required.

    Kind regards – John Oldham (edward is my son with the EMail address).

    • John/Edward,

      Very good to hear from you, and would love to share information. I think you are the first from the Herbert side (as opposed to Cottam) to be in touch.

  2. Hi. I’ve spent some time researching Reuben Thomas Herbert who was transported to Australia in 1843. He is my Great, Great Grandfather. I’d be happy to fill you in on his life is Australia (fairly eventful) and i’d love to find out more about his parent etc.



  3. Hi. I am descended from Emily Annie Rothwell, Reuben (b.1797) Herbert’s granddaughter via his daughter Ellen. I have found a record for a Reuben Herbert bap. Manchester 1823, whose parents were Reuben & Hellen Herbert. I also saw a note on Ancestry that the transportation records for Reuben Herbert were dated 1842, not 1812, as the type had faded. Not sure if this helps any? I’m trying to follow Reuben (b.1797) and his wife Ellen Jackson further back and would appreciate any help. Thanks Simon

  4. After considerable time I return to Reuben Herbert, with thanks to those who have added to the information available. In response to the doubt about the connection between this Reuben Herbert and the Reuben Thomas Herbert who was transported to Van Dieman`s Land, I am beginning to accept that there is a discrepancy which cannot be ignored. The place of birth of Reuben Thomas Herbert, namely London, does not tie in with the elder Reuben Herbert`s move to Manchester, unless the family went back to London for a short period. However, what supports this argument further is Reuben Thomas Herbert`s death certificate which gives the names of his late parents as Reuben and Sarah Herbert; some hints of this couple, also from London, can be gleaned from various Ancestry sites, and I fear that it is to the latter to whom we must direct our research. All this does not, however, compromise the rest of the Herbert family research, but it would be a great shame to lose the Australian family. My ancestor, Sarah Ann Herbert, mother of William Herbert Walker also had a son named Samuel Ogden Walker, who married a Kate MacBeth and emigrated to South Africa; whether they were in contact with the Cottams, I do not know, but they do have one claim to fame — their son, Reginald Edgar Walker won the 1908 Olympic 100 Metres in London, and was the youngest winner ever, even to this day. I have a family tree on http://www.ancestry.co.uk on which the above are included, and any further comments or information would be very much appreciated. I will keep a better watch on this site than during the past year or two, for which I apologise.

    All the best — John Oldham.

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