Herbert family of Manchester

My great great grandmother was Adelaide Herbert (1831-1909) of Manchester, who married John Bagot Cottam. She was the daughter of Reuben Herbert and Ellen Jackson. I’ve recently been trying to follow up her brothers and sisters, and the attached list of Herbert descendants is an interim result. The list is fairly speculative, and not all the links have been proved — at least not to my satisfaction. For example, the second child of Reuben and Ellen Herbert is listed as Reuben Thomas Herbert, born in Middlesex and then transported to Australia. But the eldest child, Elianor, who died young, was born in Manchester, and then the next youngest was born in Belfast. I suppose it is possible that the family moved from Manchester to London before going to Belfast, but I’d like to see a baptism record for Reuben Thomas Herbert to see who his parents were. If anyone has links to this family, please get in touch with me.

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