New cousins discovered: Chaffey and Pearse

Quite early on in our family history research I discovered (from the 1851 census) that my great-great grandfather James Andrew HAYES had a step-son Charles CHAFFEY, and that his wife Catherine HARRIS had been married to a Thomas CHAFFEY.

More recently I discovered that Thomas Cheafey (sic) and Catherine Harris were married at St Thomas’s Church, Bristol, though I wasn’t able to discover the baptism of their son Charles Thomas.

James Hayes and Catherine had five children, one of whom, James Andrew Allen Hayes, was absent for a couple of censuses, but I knew from later censuses that he married Emily HEALLS, and has several children, some of whom died young. One of the children was bourn at Bourton, Somerset, so I thought I would look at the census there, and also look for Charles Chaffey in the 1841 and 1861 censuses. I found a Charles Chaffey, aged 3, staying with the family of James and Amelia PEARSE at Temple Cloud in 1841, but with no sign of his mother. I recorded it anyway, just in case. But in 1871 I found James Andrew Allen Hayes and his wife Emily staying at Flax Bourton, and with them was a cousin Sarah Pearse, aged 24, born in Temple Cloud, and that was clearly the same family that Charles Chaffey had been staying with, and he and Sarah were about the same ago. So now we need to find where the PEARSE family fit in, and how they are related. Possibly on the Harris side, but James Pearse was apparently born in Carhampton about 1801, and his wife Amelia was born in Staffordshire. While Catherine Harris’s mother Sarah was born in Caerphilly about 1779, while Catherine herself was born in Whitchurch, Glamorganshire, in about 1818

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