Katharine Mocine (1917-2010) RIP

We recently had news from Lois Haglund that her mother Katharine Mocine had died. The photo shows her on her wedding day in Republic, Michigan, USA, when she married David Mocine (1915-1993).

Though we never met, we were in correspondence with David and Katharine in the late 1980s and early 1990s, about the Green family history, and general topics. They then lived in Monticello, New Mexico.

David Mocine was Val’s third cousin once removed, and his ancestry, shown in the pedigree chart, show something of how the Green family were globalised. William Goodall Green was born in Canada, died in England. His son Edward Lister Green was born in Canada, married in Grahamstown, died in New Zealand, and the Rutherfurd branch moved to the USA. David and Katharine had six children, and grandchildren by all of them.

They also wrote a book, “Gila hunting: the saga of a New Mexico ranch family”, and wrote interesting letters about the trips they had taken to Mexico.

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Nevard family in Essex

Yesterday we received the birth certificate of Val’s great great grandmother, Mary Nevard Morton (1843-1918), which revealed that her mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Nevard.We had long had Mary Nevard Morton’s marriage certificate, which showed that she married August Decker at St Botolph’s Church in Colchester, Essex in 1856. The marriage certificate did not give her age, but merely described her as a “minor”, so we applied for her birth certificate in the period 1837-1840, and it was not found, so we assumed she had been married before the beginning of secular registration in 1837 — after all, she would still have been a minor if she had married in 1836. It was only finding her in the 1851 census that revealed just how minor she was — she married at 13 — and so enabled us to ask for the birth certificate in 1843.

So now, of course, we are looking for Elizabeth Nevard’s parents. According to the census she was born in Boxted, Essex, in about 1806, so we’ll be looking for a baptism record for her around then.