Cottam, Bagot and Mashiter ancestors in Lancashire

John Bagot Cottam, my great great grandfather, came to Natal in 1863 with his wife Adelaide Herbert and three children. Several more children were born in Durban. We knew that his parents were Richard Cottam and Margaret Bagot, but only in the last few months did we find out who their parents and grandparents were, so here they are.

And we’re already beginning to discover new (well hitherto unsuspected) cousins, and we hope that anyone else related to this femily will get in touch.

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  1. Hi, John BAGOT is my 4th great grandfather on my father’s side of the family but I have not got any further back than him on that line of the family.

    Drop me an email if you wish to discuss further.


    • Hi Johnny,

      My grandmother was a Bagot and I have been compiling a Bagot family tree, her line stems from John’s brother William and I’ve made a lot of progress through Bagot contacts and think I can help you.

      Bill Geddes of Quebec, Canada

      • I love to discover new cousins — how do you fit in?

      • Hi Bill

        I’d be very interested to see your Bagot family tree. Any way you can send me thiselectronically to my email address in *ged format so I can import it into my software package (PAF)?
        That would be excellent if so.

        Thanks in anticipation


        • How about we do a three-way swap – I’ll send mine to you and Bill if you and Bill send yours to me. Then we can check for discrepancies, and see what is still missing, and discuss ways of finding the missing information.

          • Hi Steve & Johnny,

            I like the idea very much, a three way exchange would be great and could shed a lot of light on discrepancies. I have pushed the tree back to Richard Bagot marrying Margaret Preston of Pilling on 26.08.1744. Not sure how to do a Ged file. I keep all my genealogy files on a separate computer, because of viruses. Too much at stake here! When I receive your emails I can reply, seems like I must reply here. I believe I will need your email addresses, as to reply with attachments.


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