Most popular blog posts of the year

These were the most popular posts and pages on this blog

2009-01-01 to Today

Title Views
Geocities Genealogy Pages 686 More stats — a flawed site 342 More stats
Families 339 More stats
Mysterious family and place names 209 More stats
The Hannan family 153 More stats
Childhood memories: Ingogo 1948 130 More stats
Growdens visit Athenian Krewe 129 More stats
Altavista still better than Google for g 126 More stats
Dead at my age 119 More stats
Germans in the Eastern Cape 114 More stats
FreeCen and researching Cornwall familie 113 More stats
About this Blog 112 More stats
In Durban – visiting relatives and resea 94 More stats
In Pietermaritzburg 90 More stats
Death of Canadian author Mollie Gillen 90 More stats
Tombstone Tuesday: earliest Sandercock 89 More stats
Software for family historians, biograph 82 More stats
Tombstone Tuesday: John and Mary Stooke 73 More stats
Tombstone Tuesday: Greenaways in Blislan 65 More stats
William Park of Bath, Belfast and Quebec 64 More stats

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