Connecting the Sandercock families

I looked at some old files and found a copy of a New Zealand marriage certificate that had been sent by Harvey and Jan Saundercock. It was for William Thomas Sandercock and Elizabeth Harker, who were married in the Wesleyan Church in Pitt Street, Auckland on 12 May 1887. William’s parents were listed as Thomas Sandercock and Elizabeth Smale.

I checked in the records I had recently entered, to see if I could find their family in England, and it seemed that the parents were actually Thomas Sandercock and Ellen (not Elizabeth) Smale of Egloskerry, and managed to get several generations of the family linked. The Egloskerry Sandercocks don’t seem to be related to us, but at least that eliminates their family members from our search. The William Thomas Sandercock in New Zealand had a son Raymond, and if we can find them, his descendants may be interested, so if this is your branch of the Sandercocks, please leave a comment, and I can send you what I have managed to link so far.

Most of the Sandercocks seem to come from north-Eastern Cornwall. There’s quite a big bunch from the St Gennys-Poundstock area, and another from Tintagel. The ones I was looking at today were from Egloskerry. Ours are from Cardinham, with their earliest ancestors being William Sandercock and Mary Verran. There’s a picture of their gravestone in an earlier post in this blog. Several people have been trying to collect them and sort them out into families, including Alan Sandercott in Canada. Maybe in the end we’ll find links between these different groups.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    This is the first time I have actually looked at some of what you have on your site.
    I can send you the South Australian Growden records from 1842 – 1906 if you want them
    Saw the tribute to Mollie Gillen – my sister in law was a Gillen and I keep them also but I see they are not related to you but isn’t it amazing how we all link up?
    Jenn Sandercock

  2. Hi there my name is Christina Sandercock. I am from Belleville Ontario. Lookin to find out or give out more information about my end of the Sandercock family. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. I have just found the marriage entry you refer to between William Thomas Sandercock and Elizabeth Harker in Auckland, N.Z. 1888. I am related to the Harker family. Elizabeth was the widow of John Robert Harker. They came to NZ with two young children on the Rangitikei in 1884. John Harker died at age 32 in 1887. He was a butcher as was William Sandercock recorded in 1889.

    Their two children were Elizabeth born 1889 and Raymond born 1898 who died at age 6 weeks. The only further entry I have been able to confirm for the Sandercock side of the family is when Elizabeth’s son Albert Harker served in the first world war. As next-of-kin mother is recorded as Mrs E Sanders of Rotorua, NZ.

    Further BDM records, up to the age search limits, do not have any records for Sandercock. I am currently looking to see if there was a change of surname and checking with other family members. At this time I don’t know what happened to either the couple or their daughter.

    I hope this is of interest to you.
    Glenys Hawkins

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