Tombstone Tuesday: Greenaway in St Breward

Though our Greenaway family lived at St Breward in Cornwall (and in nearby Blisland), we are not sure of the link between this George Greenaway and our family.

Grave of George Greenaway in St Breward Churchyard

Grave of George Greenaway in St Breward Churchyard

We are not sure whoch of two George Greenaways this one might be, because there were at least two George Greenaways born around 1834.

One was born at Cardinham, son of Thomas Greenaway and Elizabeth Pearse, married Mary Jane and had nine children, the youngest, Horace Oscar Greenaway, being born at St Breward shortly after this George Greenaway died, so that makes it seem likely that his father is the one buried here.

The other George Greenaway was also born at Cardinham, the son of George Greenaway and Marianne Matthews, and is related to us (the elder George Greenaway was born at St Breward too), though we don’t know who this George Greenaway married, or where he lived. He was the right age ot have died in 1883, but the other George seems more likely to be the one buried in the grave.

Does anyone have any more information about these families?

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  1. From Tony Slocombe,
    This the memorial to George Greenaway, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Greenaway. He died “in the hunting field”. His wife emigrated to the US the year following year with her children. I have George’s birthplace as St. Breward.
    Thomas above was baptised at St. Breward in1807, the son of Ann Cock who was single. In 1811 Ann became the second wife of William Greenaway (c. 1750-1843). William and his first wife Elizabeth ?? raised a large family in St. B., one of which, George was the one who married Marianne Matthews and he was with William when he died on Bodmin racecourse in 1843.
    Certainly by the 1840’s Thomas and his family were using the Greenaway name although my great grandfather, John (b. 1831) was baptised John Green Cock! I suppose a dna test may show if Thomas was the son of William. William and Ann had a son Henry in 1811 and his son George was recorded in the 1851 census as the nephew of Thomas.

    I would be pleased to send a ged file of my Greenaway tree if it would be of interest.

    • Thanks Tony!

      We were in correspondence a few years ago, and it is good to hear from you again. A .ged file would be useful. I could send you mine too, though I suspect that yours may be fuller.

  2. Hi, I’m trying to track down Dorothy Greenway (Greenaway) who married a George Rogers about 1830 til 1835 and brought up their family in St Brewards Cornwall. They had several children, John (1835), George (1837), William (1838), and Elizaeth(1839) and later Charles Bawdin who was my GG Grandfather and immigrated to New Zealand. Any information about his parents would be awesome!!!

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