Tombstone Tuesday: Sandercock, Cardinham

Sandercock tombstone in Cardinham churchyard, Cornwall

Sandercock tombstone in Cardinham churchyard, Cornwall

Charlotte Sandercock, wife of Richard Sandercock, and daughter of George and Catherine Riddle.

We’re not sure if they are related to us, but we do have related Sandercocks who lived in Cardinham.

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  1. George & Catherine Riddle also had a daughter Mary, who married (on 2/3/1819) John Sandercock, blacksmith of Cardinham, (b Sept 1795) – John & Mary are the parents of William Sandercock – who emigrated to South Australia in 1848 3 days after having married Jane Best in Cardinam. Here’s a link to that famiy tree info
    William & Jane had 12 children who lived, one of their sons, George is my great-grandfather and his children were born in the Adelaide HIlls – in Balhannah. Happy to provide more info on that line if anyone wants. I’m wondering if anyone has any photos of William Sandercock and/or Jane Best or their children. I understand William’s brother, Henry, migrated to Queensland. Thanks.

    • Thanks very much for the response. The link you gave is to an old family tree of ours — we have more up-to-date information since then.

      According to our current records Mary Riddle who married John Sandercock was the daughter of Edward and Mary Little. George and Catherine Riddle could not have been Mary’s parents, as they were younger than she was. Mary Riddle was baptised at 9 April 1797 at Cardinham, while George was baptised on 14 Jan 1810, the son of William and Elizabeth Riddle. George and Mary may have been cousins, depending on how William and Edward were related. You might like to join the Sandercock discussion forum.

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