Brathwaite family

One of the families that we haven’t researched for some time is the Brathwaite family of New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

The outline of the family history was given to us 20 years ago by Errol Lister Brathwaite of New Zealand.

Caroline Agnes Wilson was the eldest daughter of Margaret Ann Agnes Green (known as Agnes) and her first husband William Wilson.

Caroline was born in Sydney, NSW in 1854, and her father died when she was two, after the family had moved to Moruya, NSW. Her stepfather also died, and her mother farmed out several of her children to be fostered by others, and Caroline was sent to her uncle in New Zealand, Edward Lister Green.

There she met and married Roy Ashley Warre Brathwaite, and they had 8 children.  According to Errol Brathwaite the children were: Arthur Holberton Miles (b. 27 May 1875, d. 24 Feb 1954); Harold Ashley (b. 17-Oct 1876, d. 25 May 1933); Lionel Eric (b. 17 Apr 1878, d. 29 Dec 1948); Norman Esdaile (b. 30 Oct 1870, d. 7 Feb 1917); Frank (b. 6 Mar 1870, d. 1 Nov 1963), George Arnold (b. 29 Nov 1883, d. 19 Jul 1951), Kathleen Agnes (. 10 Apr 1888, 10 Sep 1959); Jack Lister – Errol’s father (b. 22 Dec 1890,
d. 16 Mar 1980).

Frank Brathwaite came to South Africa with New Zealand troops to fight in the Anglo-Boer War, and stayed on after the war. He became a bookie (turf accountant), and in the 1950s was well known for “Frank Brathwaite’s racing report” on Lourenco Marques Radio.He married twive, and had two sons, Guy and Kem by his first marriage, and a daughter Pamela by his second.

Errol Brathwaite himself wrote several books.

There’s more about the Brathwaites on the Brathwaite Family page on our family wiki.

2 Responses

  1. Hi , I find this information fantastic…I was born and bred in Australia, went to London to travel, me my husband Guy Brathwaite who is from South Africa. We know little about his family as his father was adopted and know little about the Brathwaite name. It is amazing to find out aht maybe the Brathwaite name originated in NZ/Australia and now that is where we are living and raising our children…we need to find out more…thank you

    • Melissa,

      That’s very interesting — what to you know about your husbands family? Was his father a Brathwaite before or after he was adopted?

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