Altavista still better than Google for genealogy searches

A few months ago I wrote that Altavista was a better search engine than Google for some genealogy searches.

A new test shows that that is still the case.

I wanted to see if Google picked up our family wiki pages, and so entered “Flamme family Cape Town”, which didn’t appear in the first three pages of Google results, but the relevant pages showed up in the first page of the Altavista results, for example our main Flamme page. And the third page of Google results was generally way off the mark.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using Google, but it might be more fruitful to start with Altavista, and when you’ve exhausted its possibilities, then try Google.


3 Responses

  1. My favorite search engine is; the search that I did for:
    “Flamme family, Cape Town”
    brought these results:

    I then did a search just for:
    “Flamme family”
    “Cape Town”

    … And got better results:


  2. Thanks Lois — have you managed to find a new home for your web pages yet?

  3. whenever I search for my Flamme family of Steinlah and Liebenburg – the only results I get from Google are “Flammen” and umpteen pages of various flames (e.g. Olympic flames).
    Rena in England

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