Jack Fingleton by Greg Growden

Greg Growden is better known as a rugby writer, but it seems that he writes about cricket too. I’m not sure which branch of the Growden family he belongs to — does anybody know? Several branches of the Growdens went to Australia.
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In 1991 I stumbled across a little paperback book called A Wayward Genius by Greg Growden. I had never heard of the author, but the subject matter being discussed was that of ‘Chuck’ Fleetwood-Smith a colourful Test cricketer from the 1930s. The small book was consumed in one sitting (224 pages) and I was mightily impressed with the author.

For the next few years I would check the new cricket books at summer time, and keep my eye out for any new offerings from Growden. After a while I gave up hope of any new books until I walked into my local bookshop last week and found a beautifully presented hardback book titled Jack Fingleton by Greg Growden.
Seventeen years is a long break between books, but like the acting of Jack Nicholson, the writing of Growden has improved with age.
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  1. Loved Greg’s book on Jack Fingleton….found out so much about Jack …and about the inner dealings and politics within the Australian cricket team…and there are many vivid anecdotes – the one featuirng Chifley and a car is a gem!

  2. For anyone who wants to know what branch of the Growden family, Greg Growden came from, Im his 2nd cousin. Our branch of the Growden family came to Jamestown, Australia in 1805 from Cornwall and Devon

  3. Thanks Jack.

    I’d love to know more about your branch of the family. Most Growdens in the world originated from Cornwall/Devon, and my branch also has some members in Australia, but went there much later than 1805!

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