New home for this blog

Owing to problems with Google’s Blogger software, this blog has been moved from on Blogger. You may still be able to read older posts over there, but from now on new posts will be added here.

Some comments have been moved, but comments made on the Haloscan system may not have been moved. I moved it because I was unable to read the blog, or any of the comments, though I was still able to post there. Every time I tried to read it I got a “403 Forbidden” message.

This new site still has to be tidied up, and general information added, but I hope it will prove more reliable than the Blogspot one.


2 Responses

  1. hey steve ,

    i’ve added the feed so will visit often.

    On another note, i’ve become interested in Paul and wondered if you could suggest some texts that will help me understand the place of the Pauline texts in the Christian theology

  2. Dionysius,

    I didn’t know you were interested in family history!

    You’re welcome, though!

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