Some Stooke descendants added

I’ve just entered some data that sent in e-mails from Mike Gouge and Barbara Cox.

Mike Gouge sent information on descendants of George Frederick Stooke (4590) and Alfred Thomas Stooke (4592), including information on the Hanna, Matura, Kymer and Brennan families.

Barbara Cox sent information on Richard Elworthy who married Annie Stooke, and settled in Australia.

3 Responses

  1. We have very little information but a Susan Stooke born 1821-1874 married Richard Lawrence on 25th May 1843 in Bristol 1843. We think her mother was Hannah Stooke 1793 and James Stook is down on her wedding certificate as the father. We know he was an artist and has work at the Bristol Museum. I am a descendant on my Grandmothers side (the Lawrences) Not sure if this is the same Stooke family, but James Stooke came from Dawlish and Hannah Stooke was in Morwenstow. Is this the same family you talk about in your blog?

    • We do have some records for this family, but had no idea where they came from, so thanks for getting in touch, it might help to solve the mystery. We have James Stooke and Hannah Trimble marrying in Morwenstow, Cornwall, in 1816. but with no indication of where James came from.

  2. Thanks for that, so her name was Hannah Trimble not Stookes, I thought it seemed a little strange 🙂

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