Emily Growden

I’m not sure if this is one of ours, but I found it on Athens Exchange:

Say It In Slang is a vocally sound record, excuse the corny pun. Gonzales delivers his signature dreamlike vocals, but one thing that sets this album apart from other M Coast records is that Emily Growden, wife of band member Derek Almstead, contributed her voice to lead a few of the songs. Her light, feathery voice is a perfect complement to Gonzales’ guitar work. It’s almost flute-like. The opening track, “Sailing Around the World” starts the album off with her voice, and is more than enough to catch your attention. Needless to say, Emily’s voice is a wonderful addition to M Coast’s laidback and lazy sound.

Anyway, I’m collecting information on all Growdens, hoping I’ll find connections between them some day.

4 Responses

  1. Hey — I’m Emily’s sister Jennifer, also Growden and I’m thrilled to see that someone else agrees with me on her amazing voice. I’m not familiar with your family names so could you give me an idea about the connections. We hail from the Growden/Zembower family out of Cumberland MD. Our grandfather was Vernon Growden, killed in WWII.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

    I do have a record of a Jay E. Zembower who married Gladys Hite — daughter of William Hite and Mary B. Growden — are they related to you?

  3. I’m a granddaughter of Jay Ewing Zembower and Gladys Charlotte Hite. I have a box of old photos of Growdens and Hites, many of which I cannot identify. Does anyone have Growden or Hite pictures I could compare to identify? Photos are mostly studio photos from the mid 1800’s – early 1900’s.
    Thank you.

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