Mocine family update

Lois in Wisconsin has just sent us an update on the Mocine family history and we’ll be checking through it to see if there are any births, marriages and deaths we don’t have, and bring our family tree up to date. Thanks Lois!

Lois lives among strange creatures called Yoopers who wander around in the snow feeding deer, if her blog is to be believed!

For a long tim,e we were in correspondence with Lois’s mother and stepfather, Katherine and David Mocine, and most of our knowledge of that branch of the family came from them.

The common ancestors we have are William John Green and Margaret Gray of Quebec. One of their sons, Edward Lister Green, married Emily Ogilvie in Grahamstown, Cape Colony, and eventually settled in New Zealand, and one of their grandchildren went to the USA and married Ralph Fullerton Mocine.

Edward Lister Green’s brother Fred was an elephant hunter in what is now Namibia and Botswana, and is Val’s great great grandfather.

3 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I came across your blog while searching for Ralph Fullerton Mocine. I am researching the history of the California Art Club, founded in 1909, of which he was a member.

    I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the very first exhibition pamphlet by the CAC in 1911. Apparently, the cover was illustrated with eucalyptus trees by Ralph Mocine. More details here:

    Thanks for any leads you might provide.

    • Eric,

      I’ve e-mailed members of the Mocine branch of the family, and hope that at least some of them will be in touch with you.

  2. Great, thank you Steve.

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