Car stolen, dogs poisoned

Last night our Toyota Venture was stolen

Tthieves broke in the back gate, poisoned our puppy Mardigan, and took the car out. They were apparently able to disable the alarm and the gearlock. Now our other dog, Ariel, has been looking ill, so our sons Simon and Jethro have taken her to the vet as well.

The loss of the Venture will cause problems for our mission work, as we used it to take people to church and to church gatherings.

We have a few family history messages to reply to and things we’ve promised to check for people, but these problems may cause delays.

Earlier in the year we lost two dogs to biliary. First our little bonsai Alsatian Alexa (the one you can see me holding in the photo) started coughing and hyperventilating at about 3:00 in the morning, and died within an hour when we were still trying to find an after hours vet. We had no idea what had caused it. The other dog, Ariel, was very unhappy, so we got Ralf, an Alsatian puppy who ate his way into our hearts, but died within 12 days. We got him to the vet, where he died on the examination table, and the vet said it was biliary. There seem to have been a lot more ticks around last summer, because there was hardly any winter last year.

Ariel moped again, and so we got yet another Alasatian puppy, Mardigan, and we are not sure whether he will make it.