Nation family of New Zealand

For a long time we were in correspondence with a distant cousin, Henry Andrew (Andy) Nation, of Punawaitai, Waipawa, New Zealand. He was descended from Edward Lister Green, the brother of Val’s great great grandfather Frederick Thomas Green. Andy was interested in family history, and sent us a copy of Edward Lister Green’s diary and a lot of other family information.

Since Andy died about 10 years ago, we have more or less lost contact with the New Zealand branch of Nation family, though we have continued to be in touch with the Mocine branch in the USA, and through them recently made contact with Andy Blum, who is descended from the Lewis branch, also in the USA.

Ione Evans, descended from one of the other Green brothers, Henry, is now also in New Zealand, and has made contact with another member of the Nation family, Louisa Palairet (born Nation). So we look forward to hearing more news of them.

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Growden in Canada

I know that at least one branch of our Growden/Growdon family went to Canada, and wonder if the Rick Growden mentioned in this article is a member of this family:

A wasted two years for Durham? – Jun 1, 2006

The Growden who went to Canada was James Growden (1837-?), son of Thomas and Sidwell Growden who was born in Bodmin, Cornwall, and married Harriet Baldwin of Ontario about 1860. They had eight children.

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Green, Borwick, Evans – double link?

Ione Evans of New Zealand wrote in an e-mail recently to say that there mighbe be two links between her husvand’s family (Evans, from the Falkland Islands) to the Green side. Ione is descended from Henry Green, and the new link may be to a descendant of Henry’s younger brother Edward Lister Green,

I was looking for a Hawkes Bay Green connection to write to in hopes of a picture of Edward Lister Green-when the name Palairet shouted to me! Dentons cousins daughter married a Palairet last year so I asked Brenda what Andrews parents christian names are. Yes Louisa and John Richard and they live in Hawkes Bay, and Lousas maiden name was Nation so it all fits. Am ringing them tonight.

So we await the next development with great interest.

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