Growdon/Growden family page, and other web updates

Growden page

I’ve updated the Growdon/Growden family page, so if you have Growden ancestors or relatives, please have a look.

My tribes

I’ve also found a replacement for my Yahoo 360 pages, which were closed in May. For a while I tried MySpace as a substitute, but it was clunky and hard to use. I’ve found something better than both of them at, where I invite you to join me. If you go there, you can see and link to the latest updates from this blog. I found it quicker, easier to use and more useful than either Yahoo 360 or MySpace.

I’ve put some of these links down the column on the right of this blog, where I hope they will be easy to find.


Some people seem to have been having difficulty in commenting on posts here.

When I’ve posted something on a branch of the family, I sometimes send an e-mail announcement to members of that branch of the family who I think might be interested. Some have replied by e-mail, which means that no one else can see it.

If you want to comment on an article here, please click on the “COMMENTS” at the bottom to add a comment, or to see what comments others have made. There are actually two places where you can do this, but the better one to use is the one that says “0 COMMENTS” (or 1, or 2). If it says “0 comments” and you add a comment there, the next person who comes along will see that it says “1 COMMENT”, and so on.

If there are more than 10 comments, it might be better to move the discussion to the Bravenet Forum, which you can see in the sidebar on the right. Just make sure you give it a clear and meaningful subject line, especially with the surname of the branch of the family, so that others can find it easily.

If you have comments or questions on this business of commenting, please click on “COMMENTS” below, and ask away or have your say!

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