Searching Bedminster marriage registers

Nothing much to report on the research front. I had to go to a meeting in Johannesburg, where I met an old friend Mike Murphy. Not a relation, but I first met him nearly 50 years ago when he and his sister Brigid came to stay with some cousins ofn theirs who lived next door to us in Johannesburg. We were kids then. Saw him again about 20 tyears later, and now again after another 30 years.

But after the meeting I went to the Mormon Family History Library and went through the Bedminster Marriage registers from about 1875 to 1895. Didn’t find very much, but there was Joseph Hayes, son of Sander, whose brother Christopher Albert Hayes was Lord Mayor of Bristol in 1910 or thereabouts. And my great grandmother Mary Barber Stooke’s sister Sarah married Charles Parker.

The others were mostly unrelated people of similar names. I made a note of them for future reference, in case I find them and think they are a new branch of the family. It’s a sort of “you know about those already” thing.

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