Cornwall families — Growdon, Couch, Sandercock

Yesterday I managed to get to the Family History Centre in Johannesburg for the first time since Holy week and Easter, and looked at bits and pieces in the parish registers for St Mabyn, Cornwall, where I found a few Couch families, none of which seemed definitely related, and a couple of Sandercock ones, and an Elizabeth Growden, daughter of Jane, whose abode was given as Bodmin, and may have been one of ours. Elizabeth grew up to have an illegitimate child of her own, Rebecca Growden, about 25 years later.

We got a new car on 13 April (also my 65th birthday), to replace the Mazda that was stolen a year and a day previously, and that might make it possible to get out and do some more family history research, but our son Jethro took the Toyota Venture off to Durban on holiday in Bright Week, so I’m still stuck at home until he returns. I had thought of going down with him and visiting family and friends in Pietermaritzburg, and doing some research in the archives and libraries there at the same time, but it was not certain how many people I wanted to see were going to be there, so in the end decided to stay home.

2 Responses

  1. you might find my St Mabyn village website useful for your family history research

  2. Thanks very much for the link, which I’ve bookmarked for later visits.

    I believe some relations were living there in one of the censuses, so will be back to check those at least.

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