Crowle families – Vause, Brunyee, Isle, Ellis

Yesterday I continued looking at the microfilm of the Crowle parish registers, and found more records referring to the Vause, Ellis, Brunyee and Isle families.

My interest was mainly in my ggg-grandparents, John Vause and his wife Eleanor Wyatt, who appear to have moved there from Thorninghurst Farm in the Thorne-Fishlake area of Yorkshire some time in the 1930s, Their last child, Samuel Wyatt Vause, was born there about 1840, and he and his mother died shortly thereafter. John Vause was an innkeeper in Crowle, and seems to have lived there until his death in 1863.

In 1842 John & Eleanor Vause’s daughter Fanny married a local surgeon, Phineas Samuel Ellis. P.S. Ellis’s brother Henry also seems to have lived in Crowle.

In 1856 their son John Vause also married an Eleanor (which caused the confusion when I found the baptism of their children, mentioned in an earlier message below). He married Eleanor Isle, whose father Thomas Isle was also apparently an innkeeper. So I went back in the microfilm to look for more information on the Isle family, which I had not been looking for previously.

The Brunyee family apparently came from Epworth, a little South of Crowle (and famous as the birthplace of John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism), and the Vause family had also lived there earlier, and one of the Vauses had married a Brunyee, hence the interest. Most of my information about the Brynyee family comes from Wendy Castree of Queensland, Australia — we were in touch on one of the Fidonet genealogy conferences about 10 years ago, but with the decline in BBS networks we lost touch.

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