Mail problem solved

Last night I sent a message to recent correspondents to say that there were problems with mail at my address, and gave alternative addresses to use.

It seems that Durham University’s servers went down over the weekend, but no mail seems to have been lost, just delayed.

So this is to let you know my e-mail addresses, in order of preference (to keep in your address book):


Mail sent to (1) is forwarded to (4), but it is better to keep the address at (1) in your address book, because the address at (4) could change if I change ISPs, but Durham University has been around longer than Yahoo, Google or Telkom, so address (1) is less likely to change.

Thanks for your patience with the delays.


King, Mocine and Blum families

Andy and Linda Blum recently visited the King family in Texas, and Andy sent us these photos.

Here are Jennifer and Jean King, and Jean’s mother Katharine Mocine, and Andy Blum.

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And Katharine Mocine with Linda and Andy Blum.

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Andy, Jean and Jennifer are descended from Edward Lister Green and Emily Ogilvie, who were married in Grahamstown, Cape Colony, in 1854, and subsequently settled in New Zealand.

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E-mail problems

There seem to be problems with the mail server at Durham University, and e-mail sent to my address at does not seem to be getting through.

If you have sent mail to me recently and have not had a reply, please resend to one of my alternative e-mail addresses:


I have been unable to contact the Durham University servers at or, but I don’t think they will be down permanently, but in the meantime please send copies of important mail to one or other of the alternative addresses.

For updates see blogs at: