Perhaps this blog is not such a good idea after all

After adding a couple of entries, I tried a search for names, and it didn’t seem to work. Maybe the Search feature only works for publicly indexed blogs, which would be a pity. The idea of a family blog would be that it is for members of the family to look at and comment on, rather for publicising to the world at large, but if that means one can’t index it for surnames, it would be tedious to plough all the way through looking.

Comments, anyone?



Jenny Marsh wrote about trying to contact Juanita Miller, a descendant of Walter William McLean Thwaites by one of his other wives. Juanita had written to say there were two more wives that we hadn’t known about, but we’ve lost contact with her.

Green -> Nation -> Lewis

Andy Blum wrote that he was still trying to get information from bis brother and cousins, and had had a very good visit with Katherine Mocine, her daughter Jean King and grand daughter Jennifer, and sent some photos.

Had also written to cousin Nancy — must ask about Nancy (Lewis) and her sister. Our information is that she marrige George Kee, but we have no information about children. Also her sister Linda, who married Thomas Whyte.